Michelle Obama: Some People Still Can’t See Past the Color of My Skin

Michelle Obama opened up about the racism she faced as the first black first lady during an appearance at the Women's Foundation of Colorado's 30th anniversary celebration in Denver, Colorado, on Tuesday, July 25. WFCO president and CEO Lauren Casteel asked the former first lady, 53, This article originally appeared on www.usmagazine.com: Michelle Obama: Some(…)



Kids’ imaginations have been running wild all summer with new movies, new toys… and now NEW SHOES! Thanks to Skechers Kids’ innovations, unique looks and cool comfort, back-to-school tracks are now a must-have treat. Check out these five hot styles from our style merchandisers; they’re sure to cover the halls this fall. OUT OF THIS(…)

Madagascar fights the subtler side of hunger: chronic malnutrition

Droughts and famines tend to afflict countries in cyclical fashion. But where chronic malnutrition is endemic, such as in Madagascar, they strike harder. Health education is a start, aid groups say – but adjusting priorities is important, too. Part 3 of our series on famine resilience. Christian Science Monitor | All Stories