13 TV Couples With Absolutely No Chemistry

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Some TV couples suck. There, we said it. 

Despite trying to push some couples to endgame status, some are very clearly not that into each other. 

The Hollywood Gossip has rounded up 13 couples who have a grand total of zero chemistry. 

Sorry … not sorry. 


Kara and Mon-El – Supergirl

Kara and Mon-El - Supergirl

Mon-El was one of the worst characters on Supergirl, and it was largely because the producers tried to put force them together. Mon-El was officially exiled from the series about a year after his debut.

Jackson and Maggie – Grey’s Anatomy

Jackson and Maggie - Grey's Anatomy

Jackson and Maggie were believable as friends, but not so much as a couple. They need to give up on their relationship, or they run the risk of not being friends ever again.

Ray and Felicity – Arrow

Ray and Felicity - Arrow

On a show that’s all about the relationship between Oliver and Felicity, Felicity’s short-lived relationship with Ray felt like a mere plot device to throw in some drama. There was a severe lack of chemistry between the characters.

George and Izzie – Grey’s Anatomy

George and Izzie - Grey's Anatomy

George pursued Izzie pretty much from the get-go on Grey’s Anatomy, but there was nothing there, and fans picked up on that. It’s just a shame that Shonda Rhimes did not.

Zelena and Hades – Once Upon a Time

Zelena and Hades - Once Upon a Time

Just when it seemed like Zelena was on the road to becoming one of the good guys, she decided to embark on a relationship with Hades. It was … tedious. Two villains don’t make a right.

Bill and Sookie – True Blood

Bill and Sookie - True Blood

Bill and Sookie were the central couple on this HBO series, but fans were shipping Sookie and Eric from the get-go. That shows you how crappy the OG pairing was.

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