15 Highest Paid Actors on TV: Who’s #1?

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Previously, we updated readers on the best-paid TV actresses of 2016.

Now it's time to make room for the fellas.

Forbes has released its rankings of the highest-paid actors on the small screen, with the salaries below earned between June 1, 2015 and June 1, 2016.

Ready to count them down from #15 to #1? Let's do this…

15. Justin Chambers: $ 9.5 Million

Justin chambers 95 dollars
It pays to be one of the few remaining original cast members on Grey’s Anatomy.

14. David Duchovny: $ 10 Million

David duchovny 10 dollars million
Think he’s glad he came back for that X-Files reboot?

13. Michael Weatherly: $ 10 Million

Michael weatherly 10 dollars million
Michael Weatherly now anchors his very own show on CBS, Bull. He made the right financial move in leaving NCIS.

12. Kevin Spacey: $ 10.5 Million

Kevin spacey 105 dollars million
House of Cards? More like House of Hundred Dollar Bills!

11. Eric Stonestreet: $ 11 million

Eric stonestreet 11 dollars million
He’s the first comedic actor on the list. He will not be the last.

10. Ed O’Neill: $ 11.5 Million

Ed oneill 115 dollars million
O’Neill just edges out his Modern Family colleague.

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