25 Kate Middleton Photos She Does NOT Want You to See!

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NOTE: Yes, these Kate Middleton photos are old. That's the point.

You'll likely never see the Duchess in a bikini, or clubbing in the shortest of skirts, ever again for the rest of your life. This is just reality.

Given her status as wife of the future king, one cannot blame her.

After some of these private vacation images were published, especially, you can expect Middleton's "minder" to shut 'em down in the future.

Which we get. Unless your name starts with "Kard" and ends with "ashian" you probably don't want these kind of pics out there on the web.

Yet it's still kind of a shame, because Kate has it goin' on! Wow!

1. Kate Middleton Bikini Pics: Heir They Are!

Kate middleton bikini pics heir they are
Kate Middleton in a bikini is a royally beautiful sight. Click through this gallery and you’ll see why … there’s more where this came from!

2. Kate Middleton Bikini Pictures: OMG!

Kate middleton bikini pictures omg
Oh My G-d is right. All hail the queen of the two-piece! Make no mistake about it, Kate Middleton is a royal hottie … and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Click on.

3. Kate Middleton Pregnant Bikini Pic

Kate middleton pregnant bikini pic
A bikini photo of the pregnant Kate Middleton on holiday in Mustique, early 2013.

4. The Real Kate

The real kate
This tabloid promises to uncover the “real” Kate Middleton. We’re sure it has actual inside information on her… NOT!

5. Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon Photo

Prince william and kate middleton honeymoon photo
A photographer managed to snap this shot of Prince William and Kate Middleton on their honeymoon. The royal family is far from happy over it.

6. Kate: Royal Hottie

Kate royal hottie
Wowza. That’s all we’ve got to say about the Queen of the Two-Piece.

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