13 Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

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dog watching a movie with popcorn and coke
dog watching a movie with popcorn and coke

If you are looking for a trhill or just a good movie to watch you need to look at this list of movies you should watch before you die.

Pulp Fiction

Writer-director Quentin Tarantino revisits the seedier side of Los Angeles with this funny, violent, tongue-in-cheek tribute to the less “classic” side of filmmaking – the potboilers and capers, the Blaxploitation flicks and gangster movies. The film interweaves three tales, told in a circular, fractured manner, which only fully connect by the time the final credits roll.

Fight Club

David Fincher’s commentary on society, in which two guys become friends and establish a club where men fight each other to release their frustrations, stars Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter.


The film that gave us the action heroine, in the shape of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley, and presented space travel as just another job. Superb performances add to Scott’s stylish direction and, if a film can be judged by the amount of rip-offs it generates, Alien must rank as one of the most influential movies ever. A must-see tour-de-force of suspense, slasher antics and good old-fashioned sci-fi.

Back To The Future

Gleeful, thoroughly entertaining 80s time travel yarn that stars Michael J Fox as a teen who heads back in time, only to muddle his own parents’ courtship. The De Lorean time machine-cum-car and special effects date it slightly, but this is a film almost unique for 1980s Hollywood, one that is charming, clever and genuinely weird (check Crispin Glover’s discomforting turn and the undisguised Freudian plot).

Star Wars

Star Wars was such an amazing movie and if you hadn’t already it should be one of the first of movies you should watch before you die. It was one of the first sci-fi movies to cross genres and become wildly popular. It was also the first of its kind to have stellar props, sets, costume designs, special effects, an excellent cast and of course, a compelling story. It has such a huge impact in pop culture, and you would totally be out of the loop if you haven’t seen it yet. If you want to finally understand those “Luke, I am your father” or “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” jokes, then see this amazing film!

Life of Pi

Visually, Life of Pi is one of my favorite movies to date. It is breathtaking really. Based on the novel by Yann Martel, it follows the story of Pi, a boy interested in the reasoning in many different religions, who ends up stranded on a boat with a feisty yet lovable tiger named Richard Parker. It sounds odd, but Pi’s character is courageous, endearing, smart, and a survivor. It’s a great film, adapted from a great book. You can’t go wrong with the superb visual effects, an excellent story and amazing acting.

The Sixth Sense

8-year-old Cole Sear is haunted by a dark secret: he is visited by ghosts. A reluctant channel, Cole is frightened by visitations from those with unresolved problems who appear from the shadows. Confused by his paranormal powers, Cole is too young to understand his purpose and too afraid to tell anyone aout his anguish, except child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe. As Dr. Crowe tries to uncover the ominous truth about Cole’s supernatural abilities, the consequences for client and therapist are a jolt that awakens them both to something harrowing – and unexplainable.

The Wizard of Oz

A true American classic, this 1939 children’s film about a girl who goes ‘over the rainbow’ features Hollywood legend Judy Garland in the role that made her a star. Dorothy, with the help of her friends, must defeat the Wicked Witch of the West, and make it all the way to the City of Oz so the Wizard can grant her safe passage back home to Kansas.

The Lion King

Wild Africa is the setting for this animated tale of a young lion cub whose evil uncle usurps his father’s crown and lets hyenas overrun the kingdom. Dodging danger and befriending some oddball characters, the cub wanders until the day he’s ready to return.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of those series you just can’t continue life without watching. It’s just that important. At first, I was hesitant to see it, thinking it was a wee bit too nerdy for my blood. But, to my surprise, it became one of my favorite movie series! The CGI and special effects were amazingggg (extra Gs intended), and the story was so well written. The actors all did such an amazing job and required an extreme amount of dedication and patience. It took them nearly a decade (8 years) to make the trilogy. Well worth the time too. Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf, Sam, Aragorn, and Gollum will not soon be forgotten.

Princess Mononoke

A young warrior prince gets involved in the conflict between magical beasts and ruthlessly progressive humans in this mature, complex, epic anime from Studio Ghibli master animator Hayao Miyazaki. Princess Mononoke can often be found astride the top of greatest anime film lists – which is precisely where it belongs.

The Matrix

The Matrix was a groundbreaking film that changed the way movies were made soon after for so many years to come. The CGI used in The Matrix was never seen before and was pure innovation.The Matrix concept was genius as well. The idea that the life we lead is merely a facade is so interesting and makes you wonder what is real and what’s not. The main characters are all so suave, and all-knowing. Plus, they had cool sunglasses and trench coats. Trend Alert! Anyway, this film is one of kind and you definitely have to watch it while you can. Or you can take the red pill and live without this awesomeness. Your choice, ladies!

The Usual Suspects

When a crippled criminal (the amazing Kevin Spacey) survives a massacre he’s brought in for questioning, then proceeds to tell the most remarkable of underworld tales. Anything but usual, Singer’s movie is pretty damn near untouchable. Next to this, most other crime films feel petty. The twist-tastic ending will give you goose bumps no matter how many times you watch it.