Lists of the most expensive items

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Frozen Haute Chocolate: $25,000

Where else but New York can you find a dessert priced at $25,000? Serendipity 3 Restaurant on East 60th Street includes a high-end variation of the traditional hot chocolate on their menu. ‘Frrrozen Hot Chocolate’ is a slushy-like dessert, composed of a mix of cocoas and milk, and is infused with five grams of 24-carat gold per serving. It is topped with whipped cream and more gold as well as La Madeline au Truffle. The ‘experience’ as it is referred to, comes along with a gold bracelet as well as a gold spoon. The indulgent dessert was declared the world’s most expensive dessert by Guinness World Records.

Hermes Birkin Handbag: $1.9 Million

It’s no surprise that one of the world’s most expensive handbags shares the name of a Greek God, an Olympian God for that matter. Today, the term Hermes is better known for leather, shoulder straps, and celebrities, rather than a mythological God. A symbol of status, and opulence, Hermes is also responsible for creating the ‘Birkin Bag’, one of the world’s most infamous handbags. Created by handmade leather, the bag is named after actress and singer Jane Birkin and ranges from $7,400 to $150,000 in price, depending on the materials utilized. Combine Hermes and Birkin, and you have one of the most expensive handbags in the world, the Hermes Birkin. Designed by Ginza Tanaka, the Japanese jeweler responsible for creating the gold rocking horse valued at $600,000, this Hermes Birkin handbag may be tiny in size, but features 2,000 diamonds and was sold for a whopping $1.9 million several years ago.

Chess Set: Charles Hollander $600,000

With 320 carats of black and white diamonds only seven of these luxury chess sets have ever been created. Although another set known as the Jewel Royale has been rumored by some websites to be the most expensive in the world at $9.8 million it was never actually created and remains little more than a concept.
1962 Ferrari 250 GTO $35 million

Not long ago 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car ever when it was sold in the United Kingdom to a private collector.

Lamborghini Veneno: $4.5 Million

Designed for Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary, the Lamborghini Veneno is one of the world’s most expensive car. Named after poison (Spanish for veneno), the Italian car outputs a horsepower of 750; allowing brave drivers to go from zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. The special edition vehicle is ultra exotic and unique, and only four are known to be in existence worldwide.

iPhone 4S Elite Gold: $9.4 Million

Officially considered the world’s most expensive phone, Stuart Hughes (designer of overpriced luxury products) has topped himself yet once again, creating a phone designed with 500 individual diamonds, totaling over 100 carats. The back plate is 24 carat gold and the Apple logo is made of 24-carat gold and 53 diamonds. The home navigation button yields a single very rare and flawless natural pink diamond. The diamond is said to be between 7.4-8.6 carats.

The Picasso $104.2 million

In 2004, “Garçon à la pipe” — a 1905 painting by Pablo Picasso — became the most expensive Picasso painting ever sold when it fetched a whopping $104.2 million when it was auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York.

Amour Dog Collars: $3.2 Million

You wouldn’t want to put a leash on this collar, as this is definitely for show. It is known as one of the most expensive dog collars in the world, priced at $3.2 million dollars. It has 18-carat white gold, only the most sought after crocodile leather, 52 carats, and over 1,600 hand set diamonds with a 7 carat, D-IF flawless colour graded centerpiece. No wonder it is being featured on Entertainment shows in the US, UK, and Germany.

Rhein II $4.3 million

is a photograph made by German visual artist Andreas Gursky in 1999. In 2011, a print was auctioned for $4.3 million (then £2.7m), making it the most expensive photograph ever sold.
The photograph was produced as the second (and largest) of a set of six depicting the River Rhine. In the image, the Rhine flows horizontally across the field of view, between green fields, under an overcast sky.
Extraneous details such as dog-walkers and a factory building were removed by the artist using digital editing. Justifying this manipulation of the image, Gursky said “Paradoxically, this view of the Rhine cannot be obtained in situ, a fictitious construction was required to provide an accurate image of a modern river. Gursky produced a very large chromogenic colour print of the photograph, mounted it onto acrylic glass, and then placed it in a frame. The image itself measures 73 by 143 inches (190 cm × 360 cm), while the frame measures 81 by 151 inches (210 cm × 380 cm).
The print was originally acquired by the Galerie Monika Sprüth in Cologne, and subsequently bought by an anonymous German collector. The collector sold the print by auction at Christie’s New York on 8 November 2011, who estimated it would fetch a price of $2.5–3.5m. It actually sold for $4,338,500 (then about £2.7m); the identity of the buyer has not been revealed.
The work has been described by arts writer Florence Waters in The Daily Telegraph as a “vibrant, beautiful and memorable – I should say unforgettable – contemporary twist on […] the romantic landscape” and by journalist Maev Kennedy in The Guardian as “a sludgy image of the grey Rhine under grey skies”.

Yacht History Supreme, 4.5 billion USD

The Yacht is plated with 100,000 kg of gold and platinum, and has other extravagances like statues made of a T-Rex’s bone and wine glasses made out of an 18-carat diamond. Some reports that this might be fake emerged in 2011, however, this yacht was confirmed to exist again in 2014.

Antilia, 1 billion USD

Owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, this 34-storey mammoth of a home is designed to survive an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 and contains 3 helipads alongs with a parking space enough for 160 cars.