Aaron Hernandez Was Bisexual, And That May Have Been Central Motive In His Murder Of Odin Lloyd

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It’s been a whirlwind week reporting on the sudden, shocking suicide of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, and now it’s about to get even a little more eye-raising.

Apparently, allegations centering on Hernandez’s sexuality go far deeper than just one gay jailhouse lover, and it’s his long-time bisexual orientation that may have fueled the murder he committed several years ago of friend Odin Lloyd.

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According to multiple law enforcement sources talking to Newsweek, Lloyd — who had been a friend of Hernandez and was dating the football player’s fiance’s sister at the time — knew that Hernandez was bisexual.

Fearing that this information would come to light, police hypothesize, is what fueled Hernandez’s motive to kill Lloyd.


Couple that with the fact that Hernandez apparently did have that gay jailhouse lover, as has been reported, and things certainly start coming into focus.

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Obviously, Hernandez’s sexuality would have mattered little — or not at all — in the grand scope of things, but if it was tied to the specific motive over which he was convicted of murder in April 2015… shocking.


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