Amber Rose: Biggest Boobs We’ve Ever SEEN!

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Amber Rose, bustier than ever, shared a pic on Instagram that’s got everybody talking. 

Check out the pic and you’ll see what we mean – each boob is at least 30% larger than her actual head. 

If that doesn’t say something about the state of Amber Rose’s boobs, then your tongue fell out somewhere along the way. 

Damn, right? Amber’s always been pretty buxom, but she either lost weight everywhere – including in her head, and except for her chest …

Or we’ve never actually seen the finer nuances of Amber’s gigantor, city-crushing breasts before. 

Rose previously reported that her breasts were a 36H.  

She once considered getting implants, but was undecided, and never revealed her decision – publicly. 

“I don’t know if I want to get an implant because my boobs are kind of really nice,” she told Dr. Terry Dubrow of Botched

Her boobs previously appeared to be smaller, so we don’t know if she’s pulling what the Kardashians allegedly pull – sucking the fat out of one area of their bodies in order to put it into another area – but one thing is certain: we are afraid of those things. 

There is, in this case, a point where the boobs get too big or the body gets too small, and Amber Rose is teetering right on the brink of that edge. 

If we’re lucky, the weight of those things will pull her down to one side or the other, and we’ll really find out what she’s made of – both literally and figuratively.  

The only other time she was this busty was when Amber was pregnant with her son, Sebastian. 

Those things were large and in charge, then, too, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Rose isn’t pregnant this time around. 

…Unless you count being pregnant with silicone a thing.  

Did Amber Rose go under the knife and get her boobs done? Did she just lose weight? Or is it just a really flattering (or unflattering, depending on your perspective) pose?  

Only one thing is certain – any man who wants to mess with that better be wearing some kind of serious headgear to prevent spinal injury. 

Hell’s bells. 

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