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There are tons of great Freebord videos lying around on the Internet.  All you have to do is go looking for them.  But we know you don’t want to sift through the crap videos (you know, the self-indulgent amateurs who think they’re cool just because they use video editing software to add colored filters). 

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best Freebord videos right here for you.  Below you’ll find a great mix of freestyle, hill bombing, flatland, and aerial tricks around.  Some of these riders represent professional teams, some just have the passion and have turned the streets of their hometowns into their own personal playgrounds. 

We hope that these videos inspire you to get on a Freebord and take your riding to the next level. 


This first Freebord video features a dude who calls himself Freebordman shredding the hills, stairs, and skateparks of Spain.  If you thought it was tough to get a Freebord in the air without a ramp, this guy is going to prove you wrong.  (Notice the creative use of staircases and even speed bumps in this one.) 


Freebord Rider King Hassan really knows how to rip it up.  This is a video of his very first Freebord ride at an indoor skatepark.  Something tells me he’s been honing his skills on the street a little bit. 


What do you get when you take 26 Freeborders and let them loose on the streets of San Francisco, at night, with neon game pieces strapped to their heads?  You get this, a real-life version of Tetris.  Talk about creative use of the Freebord. 


Parking lots and skateparks provide excellent fodder for the Freeborder.  Check out the compilation from YouTube user Monterevolt.  If you think you can’t find a good place to Freebord in your town, these guys will prove you wrong. 


Hill Bombing

And what would a set of Freebord videos be without some epic hill bombing?  This first clip features the hills of San Francisco as they get shredded by a group of pro Freebord riders.  These aren’t the long and winding hills of the Californian Mountains.  These are the crowded streets of the city itself with traffic, speed bumps, and pedestrians. 


Nogales is an excellent place to Freebord.  There are great stretches of open road that run down the face of steep hills leading all the way to the beach.  YouTube user PalmeroFreebord created this compilation of a group of Freeborders taking on those hills.  While these aren’t the steepest hills we’ve seen bombed, the creative use of a hatchback car as a mobile camera platform earns this video a spot on the best of list. 


This next video comes from a group of professional Freeborders from Europe.  For some reason the Swiss and Austrians love their Freebords.  Maybe it’s because of all the seriously righteous hills (or should I say mountains—you know, the Alps) over there.  Yeah, this clip does have a lot of freestyling in it too, but watch out for the speed runs down the face of Alps. 


This next session comes from Dave Snow.  It’s a great mix of hill bombing in the wilds of the mountains and the populated urban areas.  Speed gives this Freeborder his kicks–look at the skill with which he weaves between the parked cars.


What Not To Do

When making your own Freebord video you really want to put in a few bails.  Bails are always good for a laugh or inducing vomiting depending on the severity.  But when your video is more bails than anything, it might be time for a re-edit.  Steezbucket gives us this great Ghetto-Rigged Freebording video in which he uses completely thrashed skateboard equipment and even a ghetto rigged trampoline to create a Freebording reel.  While some of the tricks are landed quite well, I don’t know if I’d want to Freebord on duct-taped old ramps and plastic garbage cans.  To each his own though—right? 


Submit Your Own Video

If you’ve got a video that you think should be on this list (whether you made it or just found it lying around) send us a link.  It might make it on the list.

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