Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian: Panicked Over Pregnancy Crisis!

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This may be Blac Chyna’s second pregnancy, but this time around, it’s very public.

“Blac Chyna is going through hell as she enters the final trimester of her pregnancy,” a source told Radar Online.

“She never knew it would be this uncomfortable and is really struggling.”

As Chyna and fiance Rob Kardashian continue to film their controversy-riddled reality show, Rob & Chyna, the 28-year-old’s health is suffering as a result.

“The never-ending nausea, heartburn, cramps and gas are one thing,” the source said, but “Rob and her family are extremely worried — her blood pressure is higher than it should be and isn’t helped by her terrible diet.”

What’s odd is that Chyna initially attracted fans because she got Kardashian on a healthy regimen, which included freshly prepared meals (which she Snapchatted) and workouts.

“What’s even harder for Chyna are the mood swings,” the source added.

“She’s all over the place, crying non-stop then flying off the handle for no reason.”

Kardashian doesn’t really know how to appease Chyna, so the couple are  “looking into having the baby induced ahead of schedule, by C-section.”

This is on top of the couple’s already stressful situation, brought on by Kardashian’s disinterest in filming their very lucrative show.

Kardashian is growing resentful of Chyna, according to Heat Magazine.

“He’ll say he’s going to show up to shoot a scene and then go missing,” a source told the tabloid. And while it used to be Chyna who could cheer him up, now he’s started to see her as the enemy.

“On his bad days he calls her a gold digger and he’s paranoid that the only reason she’s with him is to make a name for herself.

“He says she’s blown all his money in less than a year, and that’s why he had no choice but to do the show, but now they fight over every aspect of it.”

Are they on the verge of a break-up?

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