Caffeinated vs decaffeinated

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In the recent trend of no caffeine and sugar drinks some restaurants and cafes such as Costa Café based in Maidstone, King Street have already been offering non caffeine drinks such as Chai Lattes or special tea infusions like Citrus and ginger twist, Simply Sencha green tea and English breakfast decaffeinated tea. There are plenty of choices for those who prefer to have a decaffeinated drink or an herbal tea which has been proven to be a healthier option for the body and mind.

What does no caffeine mean?

No caffeine means that there isn’t an extra stimulant to wake up the mind so it’s pure coffee or tea. What this means is that the added caffeine that’s usually in the drink isn’t there. What it does it that it stimulates the nerve endings in the brain cells causing the nerve endings to become hyperactive from the caffeine stimulant. It also can be harmful and become an addiction if you drink too much however; cafes and restaurants do offer a non – caffeine drinks to help with caffeine becoming and addiction.

Why switch to no caffeine?

Costa Café offers a wide range of non-caffeinated drinks which can be found on their website. You can also find your nearest costa café via the website. With the offer of non-caffeinated drinks it shows that non-caffeinated drinks are becoming a trend to have as more people are becoming aware of the effects of having too much caffeine, it can affect the iron levels if you have too much, and only drink non-caffeinated drinks. This being said switching to the no caffeine can also improve on your sleeping patterns also.
Despite a switch from a full caffeine drink to no caffeine drink you can still enjoy a drink and a meal with others and not feel as though they have to have a caffeinated drink.

How can it improve your health and what are the benefits?

By switching to non-caffeinated drinks you can achieve the following even if you go to a café regularly:
The health improvements:
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Better sleep
• Decrease Anxiety
• Fever headaches
• Convenience
• Weight loss
• Healthier diet
• Cleaner Environment
• No more jitters – Sometimes a serious caffeine addiction can cause hand jitters (shakes)
• Less risk of cardiac events
• Reduce type 2 diabetes
• Better health
As you can see with the wide range of health benefits for quitting caffeine are varied it can also save you money for buying non-caffeinated drinks.