Caitlyn Jenner Says She Had ‘Girls’ Night’ Parties Before Her Transition

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Nowadays, Caitlyn Jenner rolls with a squad that Taylor Swift would be envious of!

However, it wasn’t always like that!

On Tuesday, the I Am Cait star spoke at the 2016 Makers Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA where she opens up about her friendships with women.

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The Olympian confesses that prior to her transition, she always wanted to be invited to a Girls’ Night, but (for obvious reasons) could never attend.

The author said :

“You have no idea. My entire life when they said, ‘Girls’ Night,’ they would say, ‘Outta the room, you’re gone.’ I would always go, ‘I can’t believe they kicked me out.”‘

That’s why Cait took matters into her own hands!

“So, two years ago, I started Girls’ Nights. I started with my daughter-in-law [Leah Jenner], a couple close friends. Nobody knew. We had it at my house. We used to have themes, dress-up parties, all that kind of stuff. They were really great. The group started growing.”

They even established an initiation ceremony!

“I made them for Christmas a little over a year ago… Little Girls’ Nights bracelets and you had to be voted in. It was fabulous! You had to be voted in to get a bracelet and then you were officially in the Girls’ Night!”

While those hangouts were fun and all, Miz Jenner had a blast at her Tuesday conference!

“I just want you to know, this is the greatest girls night you could possibly have… All of you here. You have to be voted in to get the bracelet, but we’ll work on that!”

Let’s just hope they get voted in!

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