Why Am I So Emotionless?

I have never been a ‘feelings person’ and I rarely feel or show strong emotion. I am a teenaged girl so I expected to get a bit teary or whatever. I feel like a lot of the time I only respond to things because I know I am supposed to. like crying a funeral or(…)


Skechers is exceptionally popular in China and our team there invites you to join us on a fascinating photo exploration of the capital city of China’s Sichuan province—ChengDu. Follow along for some insight into the small aspects of life within this massive 2,300 year-old mega city. When speaking of ChengDu, the first word that often(…)

Researching Mental Health Disorders in the Era of Social Media: Systematic Review

Background: Mental illness is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent public health problems worldwide. Social network platforms, where users can express their emotions, feelings, and thoughts, are a valuable source of data for researching mental health, and techniques based on machine learning are increasingly used for this purpose. Objective: The objective of this review(…)


Everyone loves the amazing footwear that Skechers has delivered for 25 years, but did you know we have a watch collection now as well?  You’ll never be running late again with one of these colorful and stylish timepieces on your wrist.  And depending on your mood, you can go analog or digital with options for(…)