What to expect from a bronchoscopy

A bronchoscopy is a safe, relatively quick procedure. It allows a doctor to examine the inside of the lungs, which can help them to diagnose the cause of breathing problems or chest pain. In this article, learn what to expect before, during, and after a bronchoscopy, including recovery and possible complications. Lung Cancer News From(…)

What is myxedema and how is it treated?

Myxedema refers to both a form of severe hypothyroidism and a number of effects that hypothyroidism can have on the skin and other body tissues. Find out here why myxedema occurs, and the symptoms it can cause. We also examine a rare, life-threatening complication called myxedema coma that can occur in untreated cases. Endocrinology News(…)

A new tool in the fight against MS

CINCINNATI — "Getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, at first you feel your health is being taken from you," Kayla Schneider said Monday. A newly FDA-approved drug tested at the University of Cincinnati is helping her take it back. Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the body's natural defenses begin attacking its central nervous system,(…)