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The Best Oculus Rift Games You Can Play

There are new episodes of Full House, a Clinton is running for president, and virtual reality is the hottest new trend in tech. What year is it? It’s true, virtual reality (VR) is back, but unlike the technology’s more faddish incarnation in the 1990s, the VR headsets of today seem like they finally have the(…)

The history if Clint Eastwood

  Born Clinton Eastwood, Jr. in San Francisco on May 31, he was the older of two children whose family traveled across Northern California during the Great Depression. He took up competitive swimming and basketball during high school. After graduation, he worked as a lumberjack and forest fighter in Oregon, and a steelworker in Seattle.(…)

Travel Location – Đavolja Varoš (aka Devil’s Town)

It’s considered one of the seven wonders of Europe. A cross between the eerie badlands of South Dakota and the lunar landscape of Turkey’s Cappadocia. Đavolja Varoš in Serbia evokes a sense of wonder and even fear. It’s truly one of nature’s most peculiar gifts and has to be seen in person to be believed.(…)

Richest Video Game Companies

There will be not really any person who does not love to play distinctive sorts of Video games. This is a standout amongst the most entertainments while we stay unmoving. There are numerous Video games companies in the world who have created various sorts of video games in this present age. The great popularity of(…)

Worst movies you can see

Good movies are plenty entertaining on their own, but occasionally, there’s nothing like turning your brain off and enjoying a bit of amusing ineptitude put to film. Watching bad movies is a strangely communal experience, as friends and strangers alike gather in homes and theaters to laugh at a truly baffling failure of a film.(…)

Physicists Manage To Slow Down Light In A Vacuum

Physicists have just found a way to slow light down without touching or intercepting it, simply by making it ‘twist’ as it moves through space. That means they were able to make beams of light take longer to get from point A to point B, a skill that will be incredibly useful when it comes(…)

People Are Snorting Chocolate

Cocaine and other illicit substances have long-fueled the European nightlife scene, but now, thanks to a handful of events throughout the region, club kids are beginning to give the term “nose candy” a more literal meaning. There are certain images that come to mind when you hear a sentence that includes the words “powder” and(…)

What Species Would Become Dominant On Earth If Humans Died Out

  Could another species someday replace us as Earth’s dominant intelligent life and, if so, which species? To answer that question, we need to understand just what intelligence really is. And why, from an evolutionary standpoint, an organism would even want it. Once we understand those things, we can start speculating about what the next(…)

Movies that Will make you Cry

The Pursuit Of Happiness This film is a big time 2006 hit and a big roller coaster of emotions. The living characters of the movie are done by Will Smith and his real-life son. The story plot is way too strong and the acting is just unbelievable. The film is all about a married guy(…)

Worst superheroes and superpowers

Sportsmaster Sportsmaster, the name of two villains in the DC universe. He can make all sorts of sports-related paraphernalia, baseballs, lacrosse sticks, etc., into weapons. It’s all a bit literal there. Dummy The leader of a criminal gang and skilled with weapons, Dummy can look like a ventriloquist Dummy when trouble strikes. According to Wikipedia:(…)

Iberá Wetlands, Argentina: Best Places to Travel

The Iberá Lake and marshlands are among the last natural paradises on earth. Visitors can get face to face with caimans, capybaras, swamp deer, pampas deer, howler monkeys, giant otters, anacondas, greater rheas and hundreds of birds. The wetlands cover over 13,000 km² of marsh with over 60 lakes. The nature reserve, founded in the(…)

Top coolest super powers ever

Most men about their political views or plans for retirement, and you’re likely to get a bewildered shrug. But ask them whether they would prefer to have superhuman strength or speed, and they’ll likely launch into a three-hour monologue, carefully dissecting the merits of each. That’s because every man, regardless of his age or occupation,(…)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Top Performances

Di Caprio‘s dramatic breakout at age 19 earned him his first Oscar nomination and hinted at his future as one of the best actors in the business. Starring opposite Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis, DiCaprio earned raves for his turn as Arnie Grape, a young boy with a development disability that results in emotional outbursts(…)

In What Ways the World Could End

From catastrophic climate change to hostile aliens, Hollywood routinely envisions apocalyptic endings to humanity’s stint on planet Earth. For instance, in the movie “After Earth,” opening in theaters Friday (May 31), a series of earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and other natural disasters makes the planet inhospitable to humans, who resettle on a new world called Nova(…)