Just back from: Djibouti

Peter taking in the deceptive vistas of Lac Assal © Peter Watson Peter Watson, Lonely Planet Trailblazer and blogger at Atlas & Boots, recently returned from a trip to Djibouti. Tell us more…  I spent 10 days exploring Djibouti, a tiny country on the Horn of Africa bordered by Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. Djibouti hosts an array(…)

Just back from: Egypt

Lauren fulfilling a childhood dream of seeing the pyramids of Giza © Lauren Keith Lauren Keith, Destination Editor for the Middle East and North Africa, recently returned from a trip to Egypt. Tell us more… As with all of my trips, Egypt was a whirlwind adventure, taking in almost the entire length of the country,(…)

Travel news quiz: March edition

Something unusual washed up on a beach in Aus this month © Darren Tierney / Shutterstock What low-cost food is at the centre of Madrid’s latest restaurant trend? And what’s odd about Coca-Cola’s latest drink offering in Japan? Test your knowledge of the latest happenings in the travelsphere with our travel news quiz, featuring some(…)

TravelCon Update!

Hey everyone! As you (may) know, I’m hosting a conference in September called TravelCon. For a long time, I’ve dreamed of organizing a conference in conjunction with our Superstar Blogging program. Something that would take everything we have online and bring it to life. I want to bring our students, other travel bloggers, and industry(…)

The Forgotten Brazilian Aviator That Came Before the Wright Brothers 

On a clear day in 1901, at the height of Paris’ most whimsical era of innovation, a curious one-man vessel in the sky could frequently be spotted flying along Parisian boulevards at rooftop level, circumnavigating the Eiffel Tower and sometimes landing at a café for lunch, much to the delight of hat-waving Parisians. The pilot’s full(…)