Pathfinders: top Instagrams from June 2018

The dramatic vistas and red-hued landscapes of Chile’s San Pedro de Atacama © Michele Roux From mountain peaks to world-famous canals, our Pathfinders were ‘gramming hard last month, expertly capturing the beauty and character of the countless destinations they visited. Vibrantly colourful, creatively framed and skilfully caught – here are the Instagrams that turned our(…)

Maud & the Cult of the Clitoris

Maud Allan– beauty of the Belle Epoque, concert pianist-turned actress, dancer and choreographer and … sex-crazed lesbian spy for German wartime conspirators? Suddenly, my morning research into an Edwardian postcard just got a lot more interesting… She was born in Maud Durrant in Canada in 1873 and moved to Germany at the age of 25 to study(…)

Mission Martini

My week was starting out just like any other when I received a mysterious email in my inbox. I was invited to Italy to discover Turin, the hometown of Martini. I had a 15 minute window to decide if I could jump on a plane in the next 24 hours and spend the next 3(…)

How to Stop Making Excuses

Note: Six months ago, I read Ramit’s “Manifesto for 2018” and got inspired. I ended up cranking this out. Remember New Year’s? When you were going to lose weight, drink less, read more, save more, cook more, and maybe ride a unicorn (hey, anything is possible!)? But deep down you — and I — knew(…)