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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Review: Tokyo Drifter

The Yakuza franchise is over a decade old, and in that time, its feature set has predictably grown. Over six mainline entries, free-roam areas became more substantial, additional playable protagonists were introduced, combat mechanics were expanded to incorporate multiple fighting styles, and more and more minigames were steadily piled on. Surprisingly, the latest installment goes(…)

Extinction Review – A Giant Mess

Don’t let the AAA price tag fool you into thinking Extinction is a high-end product. It ain’t, and there’s nothing in the game–not even cutscenes–that come close to approaching the level of quality seen in its lavish, pre-launch cinematic trailer. Discovering Extinction’s sub-standard quality is frustrating because its premise is very enticing, and there are(…)

Far Cry 5 Review: The Land Of Plenty

If you’re familiar with the premise of Far Cry–the idea of a one-person army taking on overwhelming hostile forces in large, unpredictable surroundings–then you know exactly what Far Cry 5 feels like. You’ll engage in different styles of offensive conflict; attempt to tame the wild, natural environment to your advantage; and slowly build a guerilla(…)

Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength Review – Staunch Surveillance

2016’s Orwell tapped into our collective fears about online surveillance, the manipulation of information, and our fast-eroding sense of personal privacy in the digital age. In 2018, these problems are more pronounced and have manifested in new ways. Orwell: Ignorance is Strength has launched upon a world where the term “fake news” carries very specific(…)

Kerbal Space Program: Making History Review – Shoot For The Mun

The famous Einstein quote that “science is never finished” has never been more perfectly exemplified in a video game than in Kerbal Space Program. After four years in official release, and what felt like a lifetime in early access, the game has provided a deeply impressive set of tools to experiment with, explore, and imagine(…)

MLB The Show 18 Review: A Home Run

This year’s MLB The Show pushes the franchise’s visuals, mechanics, and authenticity to new heights. Marginal updates to the Franchise mode and some of the same quirks in Road to the Show persist, but overall this is a shining baseball game that’s worthy of attention. America’s pastime is all about the details, and MLB The(…)