Conservative Site Tells Readers Not To Worry About Nuclear War Because It’ll Basically Only Hit Cities — You Know, Where The Liberals Live!

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This is just gross… but also really confusing!

Non-regulars to the National Review site are starting to notice an article that dropped on Monday which seems to exist simply to tell its conservative readers not to panic about the rising threat of nuclear conflict.

The implication (we think) is that even if stable genius Donald Trump gets us hit with nukes from North Korea, NBD.

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The worst part is the stunning implication to its fanbase that the cities (i.e., where all those liberals live) will get it far worse:

“First, you have to understand that the odds are overwhelming that you’ll survive an initial blast. Nuclear weapons are devastating, but it’s a Hollywood myth that any individual strike will vaporize an entire American city, much less the suburbs and countryside.”


The article goes on to describe nuclear fallout in a way that makes it sound more like a bad Nor’easter, telling people to “stay indoors” and “be patient” because “the radiation threat tends to diminish rapidly.”

It seems to us normalizing nuclear conflict is maybe the most irresponsible thing a publication could do. But if anyone else has another explanation about why they would put this article out, please let us know!

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