Derick Dillard Just Went After Transgender People Again

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Now that he's been fired from TLC, Derick Dillard has a lot of free time on his hands.

And the controversial reality star is using said free time to do what got him fired in the first place:

Heartlessly attack transgender individuals at every opportunity.

Yes, just as Dillard went after Jazz Jennings in a series of bigoted Tweets, the former Counting On cast member has once again set his sights on the LGBT community.

Scroll down to see the latest shot Derick fired; to read the reaction to his harsh insult; and to relive Dillard's ugly history when it comes to this topic…

1. The Latest Incident Started with a Video:

The latest incident started with a video
Earlier this week, Dillard shared footage on his Facebook page of transgender singer Laura Jane Grace teaching kids about gender identity.

2. This is a Screen Shot of the Shared Footage:

This is a screen shot of the shared footage
You can see Dillard’s caption: “A friend shared this and called it out for what it is, child abuse! How unfortunate what children are subjected to in the name of progressive understanding.”

3. Facebook Followers Thankfully Clapped Back

Facebook followers thankfully clapped back
HARD. As you can see here, a couple even referenced Josh Duggar in citing what actual “child abuse” means.

4. More Backlash:

More backlash
These responses do make us wonder why these people were “Friends” with Derick to begin with. But at least they aren’t holding back.

5. Derick Does Have His Supporters, Of Course

Derick does have his supporters of course
Try telling a teenager struggling everyday about who he or she is that this is just a “disagreement” and everyone is entitled to an opinion. Sheesh, people.

6. There’s a History Here

Derick dillard and jazz jennings
In August of 2017, Dillard attacked Jazz Jennings, a 17-year old transgender individual who has a show on TLC.

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