Disney’s Animal Kingdom Faces Lawsuit After Escaped Snake Scares Woman To Death

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An Alabama family’s trip to Disney World turned from magical to horrible after a boy was bit by an escaped snake, which led to the death of his great-grandmother.

Back in October 2014, the family was in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park when a snake dropped from a tree and bit the 8-year-old boy. After his great-grandmother saw the attack, she reportedly went into cardiac arrest and was sent to the hospital.

According to the family’s attorney, Matt Morgan, the woman, in her late 80s, died two days after the boy was bitten.

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On Thursday, Morgan said that they plan to sue the park for the injuries sustained by the boy, and for the wrongful death of the grandmother, trying to prove that:

“The event of the snake falling on this young boy and the grandmother witnessing this event was the proximate cause of her death.”

But Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Wahler says the allegations fabricate what had actually happened.

The park confirmed that the boy was bitten by a snake, but asserted it was a wild, nonvenomous snake that was not part of their collection.

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They also claimed that after the boy was treated with a Band-Aid by a park nurse, the family went back to the park and enjoyed the rest of their day.

So, this means Disney World has random snakes that sneak in the park and hang out in the trees, waiting for unsuspecting victims to walk by?

It still sounds like they’re at fault to us… what do YOU think of the case?

[Image via Disney World/Instagram.]