Donald Trump Calls For ‘Major Investigation’ Into Voter Fraud — Without Realizing His Own Senior Advisor Is Registered To Vote In Two States!

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When Donald Trump points a tiny finger, he has three more dainty digits pointing back at him…

Even though he won the election, the president is still calling for a “major” investigation into his claim of American voter fraud.

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The bronzed businessman announced he would be looking into voter fraud — you know, the vote that won HIM the election — because he’s still insecure about having lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton and wants to strengthen up voting procedures.

He shared on Twitter Wednesday morning:

We mean, literally millions of Americans are protesting your presidency — but no, this seems like a great use of your time, Donald.

However, the orange POTUS didn’t realize his investigation called into question the credibility of his own chief strategist Steve Bannon — who is *GASP* registered to vote in two states!

According to city records, the conservative news head is registered in both New York City as well as a vacant residence in Florida.

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The Sarasota Herald-Tribune confirmed Bannon listed a Sarasota County address on his voter registration form, and ALSO registered to vote in NYC — where he reportedly voted by absentee ballot.

But being registered to vote in two states is perfectly legal, with a criminal act only committed if one casts ballots in two different states.

This means Bannon is most likely off the hook in terms of voter fraud. But Trump calling his own advisor’s voter credibility into question shows just how ridiculous his long-debunked claims are!

On the other hand, a pointless investigation would distract the new world leader from fucking our environment and silencing government agencies… so have a ball, Donald!

[Image via CBS/CNN.]