Don’t Believe That Ridiculous Toy Story Rumor Going Around The Internet

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Thankfully, somebody who actually knows what’s going on gets to the bottom of it all…

Earlier today, the Internet blew up with news that Toy Story had a not-so-sweet backstory involving Andy’s unseen father and the original Woody doll from the movies.

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As the story went, Woody had actually belonged to Andy’s father, who died well before his time and passed on Woody and the gang to Andy.

The full, detailed story — which you can hear all the specific details about (below) — set Disney and Pixar fans ablaze on social media:

OMG! SO sad!

Also SO not true.

Andrew Stanton, who was a writer for every Toy Story film, thoroughly debunked that ridiculous story in one fell swoop (below):

Well then.

So much for THAT theory.

Did you get taken in by it, Perezcious readers?!

Don’t fall for fake news online!!!