Eric Johnson Gets Weird With Jessica Simpson’s Mom on Vacation: Funny or Foul?

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The Simpsons are a bit of a strange family. We’re not talking about Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Marge here, but Jessica, Ashlee, Joe, and Tina.

Those first three have quirks aplenty, and we love ’em for it, but how did old-fashioned mom Tina earn a spot on the list? We’re glad you asked:

In case you were so disturbed you immediately scrolled past it, allow us to remind you of what you just saw:

That’s Jessica Simpson’s husband, Eric Johnson, with his head resting in the crotch of Jessica Simpson’s mom, the aforementioned Tina.

Tina recently posted the pic to her Instagram page, and the reactions from fans has been…mixed.

“Well that’s weird!” commented one of Tina’s followers.

“Slightly inappropriate,” wrote another.

No one in the family has replied to the online backlash, but Jess did post a photo of Eric with a caption reading, “Happy to procreate with this Man,” and we’re pretty sure that just made the whole thing slightly weirder.

Of course the Simpsons are no strangers to controversies over strange family photos.

Remember Eric and Jessica’s Fifty Shades-inspired S&M pics? How about when Jess posted a photo of Eric throwing their baby over a pool? 

Say what you will about the Simpson-Johnson clan, they’re certainly unfiltered in terms of what they share with fans.

There’s certainly no Kris Jenner PR genius behind the scenes in that household, and we appreciate it.

But maybe they could make a rule about no incestuous head-to-crotch stuff. That would be super.

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