Evelin Villegas Unfollows Corey Rathgeber, Purges Instagram, Joins OnlyFans

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Everybody's going a bit stir-crazy right now, and that can sometimes lead to conflict between people who love each other.

90 Day Fiance stars are no exception.

So when Evelin Villegas purged every single photo from her Instagram and unfollowed Corey Rathgeber, we figured that they'd had a fight.

With Ecuador on a strictly enforced lockdown, did that mean that they had broken up and were stuck together?

Corey also publicly spoke out against Evelin's decision to join OnlyFans, an adult media site that has surged in recent months.

Now, Evelin is opening up and explaining what really went down between her and Corey.

Even those of us who have kept up with their drama both on and off-screen could not have guessed what their huge fight was about.



1. This is SO messy

Corey rathgeber and evelin villegas may be back together
So, Evelin and Corey are still in Engabao, Ecuador and have been living together while on lockdown. But that doesn’t mean that everything is domestic bliss.

2. People have a LOT of feelings about these two

Evelin villegas and corey rathgeber happy and cute
We know that they’re a controversial couple. Evelin is one of the most polarizing 90 Day Fiance stars in the history of the show. Some people love Corey and hate Evelin, some people love Evelin and resent Corey, some people can’t stand them both, some people love them both.

3. Well, Evelin just purged her Instagram

Evelin villegas wants a fresh start
“Hi again!” Evelin’s caption to this photo begins. “I deleted all my pictures cause I needed a fresh start… so many pictures and videos that meant so much to me but some people still come and destroy them with their nasty comments so I decided to delete it all and start again.”

4. And more:

Evelin villegas ig 01 clean slate caption
“I really appreciate all the love and support from all of u nice people but for the trolls I say please if you dont like me stay away from my page,” Evelin’s caption continues. “Much love to all of you , dont forget it’s mental health month , No more trolls! Love you all, I’ll love for you guys to visit my little piece of paradise after we win the war against coronavirus.”

5. Is there trouble in paradise?

Corey and evelin
Yes. Evelin didn’t just delete every photo of Corey on her Instagram, she flat-out unfollowed him. (And yes, we checked — as of May 20, she is STILL not following him, but he is following her so at least he’s not currently blocked)

6. That’s tricky

Evelin and corey
They are still living with each other. Weird to drop someone on Instagram when you’re still sharing an apartment.

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