Farrah Abraham Tortures Debra, Causes a Major Scene

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You can't blame Nicki Minaj for initially calling out Farrah Abraham.

On January 10th, Minaj was watching an episode of Teen Mom OG and tweeted that Abraham is/was/probably always will be a c**t to her mother, Debra, complete with a crying face emoji.

We know that Abraham suffered physical abuse at the hands of her parents, who are now divorced.  Judging from the way Abraham treats Debbo, those scars run deep, because it is downright painful to watch those two interact.

The clip below features Farrah berating her mother, who is upset that she isn't allowed to watch six-year-old Sophia full-time.

“Why are [you] going?" Debbo asked through tears.  "Why do I have to go through this?” 

“You know what, because you keep crying, you keep creating a scene. You want to talk then f–king learn how to talk,” Abraham told her, as if speaking to a dog.

"“Mom, it’s not about you, it’s more about my daughter.  I am above this bulls–t so I am leaving."

“I have had enough. I love you, I hear you, but you’re not going to be watching Sophia full-time. What are you f–king pissed about?"

Poor Debbo. So broken.

“I’m not pissed at all,” she said through tears. “I’m hurt, Farrah.”

Abraham had no time for such talk.

"Yeah, it’s like I’m watching a grown-up throwing a tantrum right now. … I don’t need someone throwing a tantrum, acting like my dad f–ked up when my dad has been there for me when I’ve been f–king gone and I’ve been worried about my daughter,” Abraham yelled, pouring salt in the wound as she brings up her dad, Michael.

“And I may not get along with him all the time, but at least he’s f–king there."

Get these two a therapist and a private room.  Leave the cameras at home.

Farrah abraham tortures debra causes a major scene
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