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Militant Declares War on Iraqi Vote
from washington post
Not the thing your average poll worker wants to hear: the mastermind and leader of the insurgency in Iraq has declared war on those who participate in the upcoming Iraqi elections. The US is on the offense, but you gotta wonder if we need to get the place in order a bit before we leave the things to bureaucrats

A New Osama Push
from time
Dead or Alive or well, forgotten. The hunt for Osama bin Laden has grown cold, more money’s been put on the fire, but with the election over, and his power seemingly dulled, it looks as if OBL is MIA

Guantanamo Tip Ted to Arrests of 22 in Germany
from boston globe
It’s not torture, it’s a toga party. And 22 new partiers are headed to the festivities, thanks to an obviously voluntarily given tip on activities in Germany

Finally: Philadelphia Eagles End NFC Title Jinx and Reach Super Bowl
from philly.com
So you spend 24 years striving, taking your lumps as a perennial also-ran, until finally you go out and prove a blowhard wrong and make it to the Super Bowl, and you’re going to Jacksonville. Kinda hollow. Oh, and the Pats are headed south also