Gabby Douglas: Disappointed in Rio, Hot on Instagram

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As you surely know, the 2016 Olympics are currently in full swing in Rio de Janeiro, which is Portuguese for "pool of green sludge."

For the second time, Gabby Douglas helped the US team take home gold in gymnastics.

There's been talk that she's disappointed that she didn't qualify for the individual all-around competition due to a rule that only two gymnasts from each country can participate, but…

Or why are we wasting your time?

There are a million places you can go for news about Gabby's performance in Rio.

You came here to ogle a hot Olympian, and ogle a hot Olympian you shall!

God bless the USA, and God bless spangly leotards!

Take it away, Gabby:

1. Gabby Douglas Modeling

Gabby douglas modeling
Gabby Douglas is as beautiful as she is talented. She may have taken a backseat to Simone Biles and Aly Raisman at this year’s Olympics, but she’ll always be number one in our hearts.

2. Gabby Douglas: Ready to Compete

Gabby douglas ready to compete
Gabby Douglas has her game face on in Rio this week. And what a gorgeous game face it is.

3. Gabby and Her Gold

Gabby and her gold
Gabby Douglas helped her team win Olympic gold at the Olympics for the second time in a row. Unfortunately, she didn’t qualify for the individual all-around. The team is just THAT good this year.

4. Gabby Douglas: Sweaty, Hot

Gabby douglas sweaty hot
Gabby may be somewhat disappointed by her performance at this year’s Olympics. But as always, her look was on fleek!

5. Gabby Douglas in Tight Pants

Gabby douglas in tight pants
Gabby trains like a boss. And all that working out has done a body good.

6. Gabby Douglas on the Beam

Gabby douglas on the beam
Gabby may have been the Ryan Lochte to Simone Biles’ Michael Phelps in Rio. But she is, and will remain, a legend in the sport.

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