Guess How Kevin Federline Spent His 40th Birthday Amid Child Support Battle With Britney Spears…

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It was Kevin Federline‘s 40th birthday this week, and he decided to keep the party going all through the weekend… by heading out to the most predictable place you could imagine him to be!

Britney Spears‘ ex — who, oh by the way, is in the middle of a big child support battle with her right now — took friends to just the kind of place you’d expect a guy fighting a child custody battle to be. (Not!)

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That’s right — on Saturday night, Federline and friends enjoyed his 40th festivities at Crazy Horse III, the world-renowned strip club in Las Vegas! So predictable!!!

See that picture up top?! Well, here’s the full version (below):

Ha! Nothing quite like $ 100 bills with your face on them to keep it classy while you’re out at the strip club.

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Isn’t that, like, the last thing you want to be seeing doing in the middle of a public, drawn-out child support battle??

Just sayin’… thoughts???

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