Joe Giudice: Reunion With Teresa, Daughters Still in the Works??

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It's been a tough time for Joe Giudice lately.

Of course, the last five years have been one tough time after another for Joe, so maybe it's the new normal for him at this point.

Still, even by that standard, it's tough.

Joe was deported to Italy following his prison sentence for tax evasion, and now his family can't even visit due to the pandemic.

That's an especially painful development, as it seems one bright spot on the horizon has been keeping Joe going this summer.

We're talking, of course, about his reunion with Teresa.

This week, Joe opened up about the dwindling possibility of seeing his ex again, which is brutal since he clearly wants to so bad.

He also delved into some new developments in his life and his family's, including his teen daughter Gia Giudice's nose job.

Take a look at what the patriarch had to say.

1. Giudices Reunited

Soaking up the italian sun
Joe Giudice is stuck in Italy, thousands of miles from his beloved family in the great state of New Jersey, U.S.A. But it sure beats living in the hellhole that is ICE custody, and he’s doing everything he can to remain involved in their lives from his native country.

2. Hard Times

Teresa giudice and joe giudice perp walk
As you’re probably aware, the Giudices have been through the wringer in recent years – more than most couples have ever experienced and way more than most could ever survive. So it’s no surprise that the succession of major obstacles took a toll on Joe and Teresa’s marriage.

3. Major Consequences

Teresa joe giudice
Joe and Teresa were both sentenced to prison time on tax fraud charges. Fortunately, Joe and Teresa were permitted to serve their sentences back to back, instead of concurrently, for the sake of their children. But nevertheless, both were locked up for years, plural.

4. On Their Own

Joe and teresa giudice
The prison sentences they served meant they were apart for even longer. It also meant that when they were on the outside, both spent a lot of time unsupervised and essentially living the single life.

5. Across the Pond

Joe giudice on way to court
Both parties have accused the other one of infidelity, and it came as a surprise to no one that the marriage began to unravel shortly after Joe’s release. Especially considering the couple’s new geography problem.

6. Back to the Boot

Joe giudice mocks the lockdown
Joe was born in Italy, and while his family migrated to the U.S. when he was very young, he never bothered to attain his U.S. citizenship. This was not a problem, clearly, until he was convicted of a felony, after which it became the very definition of a problem. As a result, he was deported after serving his sentence.

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