Justin Bieber Is Not A Fan Of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: It’s Not Worth The Hype!

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If you happen to live near a Popeyes or have driven past one this week, then you have most definitely noticed the ridiculously long lines. 

The fast-food restaurant added their coveted chicken sandwich back to their menu on Nov. 3 and the hype has been too real. 

However, Justin Bieber just completely shocked his 121 million Instagram followers by admitting an unpopular opinion on Thursday night. 

He is not a fan of the delicious sammie.

what the cluck?! 

“It’s good but it’s not worth the hype,” the Biebs said, sharing a video to his Instagram Stories of the sandwich after it was half-eaten. 

He gave three different sandwiches a try and said, “I gotta see what all this hype is about.” 

“All this hype on the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, let me see what we got here,” he continued.

And while he wasn’t a belieber of the food, he did love one item from the Lousiana Kitchen — their sweet tea.

“Sweet tea’s bangin’ though,” he wrote. 

Well, there we have it, folks! 

The Biebs thought this amazing, crispy, buttery piece of chicken was subpar — and we’re just really confused by his review. 

Oh well, guess he’s hardcore team Chick-Fil-A. 

In August, Popeyes released its super-popular chicken sandwich, which consists of buttermilk fried chicken, pickles and of course, a spicy cajun spread on a brioche bun. 

It immediately went viral and in just two weeks sold out across the country. 

According to US Weekly, Cardi B even traveled to two Popeyes’ locations on different costs to get a taste of the sandwich that was ALL the buzz. 

But now that the sandwich is back on the menu for good, chicken lovers everywhere are maybe a bit too excited?

TMZ recently reported that the highly desired food item has been causing mayhem and chaos at several different locations. 

Apparently, multiple fights have broken out as customers wait in long lines, and sadly, one altercation in Prince George’s County, Maryland Monday night left a 28-year-old dead from a stab wound after he was reported to be cutting in front of people in line.

To lose a life over a piece of factory-produced chicken is, indeed, sad. 

A Popeyes spokesperson said the Maryland incident was a “tragedy” and that they were “saddened to hear about the senseless act of violence.”

Ok, we know this sandwich is a big deal, but be careful out there, guys! 

Their chicken is not going anywhere, so considering the dreadful long lines, and more importantly, Justin’s disapproval, maybe wait, like, just a couple of weeks until everything calms down.

Or if you’re like me and already craving it for dinner tonight, don’t forget the sweet tea!