Kathy Griffin “Beheads” Donald Trump, Pisses Off Internet

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Warning: There are three people involved in this story, and perpetually-parched celebrity photographer Tyler Shields might be the least obnoxious one.

You may remember Shields from the time when he took lots photos of Lindsay Lohan seductively nibbling her fingers, back when that was a thing some people wanted to see.

Chronicling the life of LiLo never helped Shields develop into a slightly less creepy Terry Richardson like it was supposed to, so these days he's changing strategies.

Interestingly, he remains fixated on Cheeto-colored throwback celebs who wore out their welcomes well over a decade ago.

And now, Shields has figured out a way to squeeze two carrot-hued relics into one desperate publicity stunt.

Yes, if you've spent much time on social media today, then you probably caught wind of the controversy involving Kathy Griffin and a bloody, beheaded Trump dummy.

If you haven't been on Twitter in the past couple hours, we recommend you keep your distance, as the takes are more red hot than Jared Kushner's face when someone uses the phrase "back channel" in his presence.

They're hotter than the incubation room where Steve Bannon stores the leathery eggs of his future progeny.

They might even be hotter than the young, Lahren-esque communications director who will emerge out of nowhere once Kellyanne and Spicy go missing sometime next week.

People are pissed, is what we're saying.

And of course, no one is more pissed than noted famous name-haver and grown up kid from The Omen, Donald Trump, Jr.

"Disgusting but not surprising. This is the left today. They consider this acceptable," an irate DJTJ told the press today.

Griffin is sticking to her guns, claiming that she does not condone violence, and is merely sticking it to the "Mocker-in-Chief" in the crass fashion he seems to prefer.

"There was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his … wherever," Griffin said, referencing last year's infamous Trump-Megyn Kelly feud.

Check out some footage from the photo shoot to decide for yourself if Griffin was out of line, or just giving Donnie a taste of his own medicine:

Kathy griffin beheads donald trump pisses off internet
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