Katy Perry: Taylor Swift Diss Tracks on the Way?!

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Unless you’ve devoted your life to paying homage to the film career of Matt Damon and have thus spent the past year growing potatoes on Mars (You really should’ve just re-enacted Goodwill Hunting or something.), then you’re probably aware of the ongoing feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Though Taylor is arguably the most successful recording artist on the planet, Katy has taken the upper hand recently, as the fallout from “Taylor Swift hell week” continues to wreak havoc on the “Bad Blood” singer’s reputation.

That song, of course, was Swift’s way of firing a warning shot at her longtime rival.

It may as well have been titled “Step Off or My Squad Will End You (feat. Kendrick Lamar).”

Now, it looks as though Katy may be preparing some diss tracks of her own, and based on the titles, they’ll be similarly unsubtle.

According to Star magazine Katy has registered titles to several songs that sound like they’ll address her increasingly ugly beef with Taylor:

Katy has reportedly already begun recording tracks named “Crocodile Tears”, “She’s So Creepy”, “Last Cry” and “Victory.”

“She’s So Creepy” could just be one of Katy’s humorously self-deprecating jams, but the other three certainly sound like they have some bite to them.

It’s an important moment, as aside from a few shade-throwing tweets, Katy has mostly taken the high road and stayed silent on her cold war with Swift.

Now, it looks like we’ll finally get Katy’s musical response to “Bad Blood.”

Which means you can count on Taylor to return fire.

This is basically turning into the much, much-tamer pop music version of Biggie vs. Tupac.

Just make you sure you keep it on wax, ladies!

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