Keeping Up With the Kardashians Promo: The Overdose

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This Sunday's all-new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will not feature any $ 1 million wagers over expensive marble.

There won't be much talk about bikini photos or Instagram selfies or anything innocuous of that nature.

Instead, those who watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online or on television next week ought to be prepared to something far more serious than usual.

As previewed below, the next installment of this E! reality series will focus on Lamar Odom's overdose.

The incident took place on October 13, as Odom was found passed out in a (legal) brother in Nevada.

Since then, Khloe has remained by the side of her estranged husband, rarely leaving his hospital bed and even moving Lamar into a rehab facility near her home in Calabasas.

In the emotional moments after Khloe learns of of her Odom's serious health crisis, the 31-year-old star appears completely stunned in the following footage, as the camera zooms in on her pale, expressionless face.

"Khloe has been spending every second with Lamar," Kourtney Kardashian, says in the trailer, while mom Kris Jenner, can be heard off camera, telling her daughter at one point:

"I think hearing our voices and having family around might make a difference."

Odom only had a 50% chance of survival in the first few days after his overdose, but he has since overcome the odds and will likely make a full recovery.

But it will take a lot of time.

Watch the preview now:

Keeping up with the kardashians promo the overdose
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