Khloe Kardashian Confronts Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna: Get the F–K Outta My House!

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Khloe Kardashian booted Rob Kardashian’s ass straight out of her house after finding him there with Blac Chyna, a new report claims.

Rob, Blac, Chyna

One of the strangest celebrity sagas in recent memory has captivated the Internet this week, with every day yielding insane new details.

As we reported yesterday, Rob Kardashian is living with Blac Chyna, his always controversial new girlfriend and frequent family enemy.

It turns out that’s true … with a fairly significant, awesome twist:

He didn’t leave Khloe’s house to shack up with Blac entirely of his own volition; Khloe, who he had been living with, kicked him out.

After coming home one day and finding him there with Blac.

TMZ sources say it all went down last week, when she returned early from a trip promoting her terrible new show Kocktails with Khloe.

Walking into the kitchen, she found Rob and Chyna there.

There were liquor bottles and trash strewn about, and it appeared that the pair had been holed up for days doing lord only knows what.

Khloe, naturally, flipped her motherf–king s–t over this.

Naturally, given the Kylie Jenner-Blac Chyna feud, and Blac’s alliance with frequent Kardashian foe Amber Rose, she was not welcome.

Heck, she’s practically the definition of persona non grata.

Khloe asked, “What the f–k are you doing in my house?”

In response to that … Blac and Rob bolted to his wing of the house and locked the door! With an enraged Khloe chasing after them!

Not surprisingly, an even more pissed off Kardashian told Rob to “get the hell out” and that he was no longer welcome after this stunt.

Khloe’s view – which she’s far from alone in holding – is that Rob is in a bad place in life and that a manipulative Chyna is preying on him.

Also, Rob’s been trolling us with Instagram photos and buying expensive items for Chyna, which only makes his family more indignant.

Another source says that it’s not just a petty beef with Chyna, who Khloe believes has taken her harassment of Kylie and Tyga too far. 

In any case, with Rob Jr., Khloe feels that exercising tough love (and throwing shade on Instagram) is the only way to go at this point.

Do you agree? Or should the Kards lay off him a little?

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