Kim Kardashian Slams Site For Calling Kris Jenner ‘Chubby-Faced’ In Throwback Pics!

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Rule #1: don’t talk about Kim Kardashian West‘s momma!

On Tuesday, DailyMailTV published an article written by Jerry Oppenheimer — author of The Kardashians: An American Drama — which shares modeling pictures of a 22-year-old Kris Jenner shot by former boyfriend Alfred M. Garcia in 1977.

The momager — known then as Kristen Mary Houghton — was a store clerk and junior flight attendant for American Airlines before marrying Robert Kardashian the next year.

When DailyMailTV shared the story on Twitter, the initial headline read “Chubby-faced 22-year-old Kris Jenner models in never-before-seen shots.”

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In the piece, Garcia describes his ex-girlfriend as a “little chubby” who “would not have made it as a real model” because of her facial structure. Additionally, the publication uses the word “chubby” four times in the article and in photo captions.

When Kim got word, she immediately SLAMMED the website on social media. The KUWTK star wrote:

We agree with Kimmy. Kris is gorgeous at ANY age!

Looking back, the photographer said the now-62-year-old “always had her eyes set on something bigger and grander,” adding:

“Kris was always going out with people with means and money. She always had her eyes set on the end of the rainbow. She was always looking for something grander. She never told me that, but I could tell she was always looking for something really great to come along. I was just a young kid working on trying to be a photographer.”

KJ was destined to be a star!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]