Kris Jenner: BOOED HARD While Introducing Culture Club at Concert!

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They say haters gonna hate, and boy did they hate HARD on Kris Jenner last night.

But whether you love or hate Kris Jenner, the video below is nothing short of cringe-worthy.

During the iHeart 80s concert at The Forum in Los Angeles, the momager received a loud cacophany of boos and jeers as she was introducing the band Culture Club.

The audible shade started from the moment she took the stage and continued for a full minute until she finally introduced the band and left.

Dressed like vintage Boy George in a black suit, flouncy tie and hat, she made it through her entire speech without a flinch, completely ignoring the room full of disrespect.

At one point you can hear someone on a loudspeaker shout "Hey!" to try and calm the audience down, but it didn't work.

Now, it's not exactly a shock to hear that Kris has so many detractors.

After all, she's responsible for bringing her entire family of over-privileged, annoying and talentless narcissists into the mainstream and making the whole fame-for-no-reason thing an actual, well, thing.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians puppet master is also very well-known for selling her loved ones out to make a buck.

Truthfully, a lot of citizens have a right to be pissed.

But no matter what you think of Kris Jenner and her money-grubbing ways, you can't help but feel just a tiny bit bad for her after seeing this video. She is, after all, a human being, and anyone with a lick of compassion could sense her pain.

She ended her speech by shouting "Woo!" which in her head probably sounded something more like, "OMFG get me off this motherf**king stage and pour me a bottle of Xanax."

Watch below:

Kris jenner booed by audience while introducing culture club at
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