Kylie Jenner Buttcheek Alert! Check Out Her Racy Lacy Jumpsuit!

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If you’re Kylie Jenner, you show off your ass every opportunity you get. It’s what you do.*

The latest opportunity came during New York Fashion Week, when Kylie wore this butt-baring number to the VFILES show where her bae Tyga performed.

Kylie Jenner's butt in lace

We hope her chair had a bun warmer. Those seats can get cold.

While it looks as though Kylie is going commando for the big show, if you look closely you can actually detect a nude-colored thong, which is a smart move because lace can really do a number on the lady bits, if you know what I mean.

Here’s the getup from the front:

Looks like the designer sewed the lace applique in just the right spot to protect against a nip slip, or she may be wearing black petals over her areolas. 

It’s a daring move for most 18-year-olds, but Kylie learned from the queen of body exploitation herself, big sister Kim Kardashian, who was also seen at NYFW wearing a see-through garment.

Kim’s been complaining to no end about her struggle to lose weight after giving birth to her son Saint back in December, so she made sure to cover up with a Cruella de Vil-inspired coat, which we assume was made of puppies. 

Rounding out the family peep show is Kourtney Kardashian, who wore this sheer top during her time in the Big Apple:

Wait, who’s that guy, Kourt? He’s cute.

It may be 26 degrees in New York this week, but these women will be damned before they bury their fleshy parts underneath some opaque fabric. 

*Apologies to Geico for borrowing the ad slogan. In exchange, you can take our Kylie Jenner idea.

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