Kylie Jenner: Kim’s Crazy Jealous of My Success!

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In today’s massive eye-roll news, Kylie Jenner believes SHE’S the new face of the family, and sister Kim Kardashian is jealous of all her success.

In a recent interview, Kim claimed that she was the puppet master in the family (not momager Kris Jenner) and took credit for instructing her little sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner on what to do. 

“Nah-UH!” says Kylie.

Okay, that’s not a direct quote, but according to, Kylie’s peeved that her big sis would make such a claim and insists that Kim just can’t handle Kylie’s newfound success.

“Kim can totally think she’s the puppet master of the family all she wants,” a source told the site. “If that’s what she needs to tell herself in order to feel superior to her sisters and Kris, then so be it.”

The source also claims that Kylie asserts her popularity has nothing to do with Kim.  

“Just know Kylie’s her own woman. Kylie’s on! She’s never needed to ride on Kim’s coattails to make a name for herself.”


“Kylie’s stock is on the rise. Her career has the green light for miles. Kim can’t handle that. Kim’s trying to hold on for dear life because Kylie’s got youth on her side and that’s the one thing Kim can’t ever get back.”


Alright, I’m just going to say it. This source sounds like an asshole. But I suppose if he or she is actually quoting Kylie, I guess she’s the asshole.

It’s not shocking that an 18-year-old is completely delusional in assuming she’s the center of the universe.

But everyone knows that Kylie is basically a mini, millennial (read: even more annoying) version of Kim.

If it weren’t for Kim’s sex tape and Kris’ opportunistic ways, Kylie would just be another rich, nameless Calabasas brat mooching off her parents and pretending to figure out what to do with her life. 

Maybe one day Kylie’s friends will stop spewing garbage or Kylie will get off her high horse and extend a little gratitude. 

But until then, many eye rolls ahead.

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