Leah Messer Shares Big News About Sister’s Pregnancy: It’s a Family First!

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Well, it looks like fertility runs in the family!

If you’ve been watching Teen Mom 2 in recent months, you know that Leah Messer spends a lot of her time and money these days taking her loved ones on lavish vacations.

And her younger sister Victoria will soon be enjoying the company of a very special souvenir from a recent family trip to Costa Rica.

Yes, as she revealed in September, Victoria Messer is pregnant with her second child.

And to say the news came as a surprise would be putting it very mildly.

Victoria’s pregnancy ignited a mini-scandal within the Messer family, but it appears that things have calmed down considerably in recent weeks.

Vic Messer 1

On Thursday, Leah hosted a gender reveal party for Victoria, and of course, her own daughters participated, as well.

Twins Ali and Aleeah each held a balloon, one blue, one pink.

They popped their balloons on cue, and the blue one was filled with the appropriately-colored powder, indicating that Victoria is having a boy.

Leah documented the event in her Instagram stories, and as she pointed out, Victoria’s will be the first Messer boy of his generation!

Vic Messer 2

“It all started with these two and now it’s time for the FIRST BOY of the family to make an impact!” Leah wrote on Instagram.

“He’s gonna do big things SWIPE to see the twins excitement‼️‼️ #proudauntie #simmstwins #itsaboy #blessings @victoriaaa233,” she added.

It’s good to see Leah being so supportive of her sister.

As TM2 viewers know, she openly wasn’t too thrilled when Victoria first shared the news of her pregnancy in a now-infamous scene from the show.

Vic Messer 3

“See when we came back from Costa Rica, I didn’t start my period when I was suppose to,” Victoria revealed, adding that she was not on birth control, as she deemed it “too expensive.”

“Paying $200.00 a month is cheaper in the long run than paying for a college tuition, diapers, formula,” Leah wisely pointed out.

Victoria then confirmed that she learned she was pregnant shortly after hooking up with “the Costa Rica guy.”

“So I went a bought a pregnancy test and it was positive, Victoria added. “So we are having a Costa Rican baby!”

We’re happy for Victoria — but we hope she actually knows her baby daddy’s name.