Lena Dunham No Longer Cares What You Think About Her As She Approaches 30!

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Lena Dunham is OVER it.

In an interview with Refinery29, Lena talked about her upcoming 30th birthday in May and how this milestone has shaped her current outlook on life. Not only has the marker changed her thoughts on babies and not thinking twice about what people think, but it’s also morphing the direction of Girls.

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Speaking on whether or not she’s afraid to turn the big 30, L.D. revealed:

“I’m really excited. When I was turning 25, I felt this weird sense of dread, like…I no longer had a cushion or excuse [to fail], because if you’re under 25, you’re the modern equivalent of a child. Everyone I trust has reported back to me that the challenging aspects of your 20s — the sort of stuff Girls is about, actually — just evaporates into the rearview mirror in your 30s.”

Considering Dunham has faced a ton of controversy surrounding her looks and personal anxiety, we can imagine why she’s excited to leave her youth behind!

But wait, does this mean season 5 of Girls will be less angsty and… fun?

The actress explained:

“This next season, we’re looking much more at long-term relationships, long-term jobs, and figuring out that our parents are humans, too, and we have to take care of them.”

Inneresting! We’re definitely curious to see how this plays out on February 21.

Luckily, the thematic changes won’t deter Hannah Horvath from getting lots of sexy times:

“I hope to reprise some of her nudity in this final season with vigor!”

Ha! It sounds like Lena is set to end the series with a bang (PUN INTENDED)!

As for how the author’s impending 30th has influenced her attitude towards others, the comedienne confessed she has no f*cks left to give:

“I used to spend a lot more time than I do now trying to understand why people didn’t like me. I remember just sitting around in my early 20s and being like, ‘Why is that girl always mean to me at a party?’ And then I just realized that it doesn’t matter. Unless she wants to come up and say, ‘Hey, you hurt my feelings. Can we talk about it?’ it’s not my f*cking job to decode what’s happening for her internally.”

Preach, girl! We’re glad your feeling more confident these days.

P.S. We hope you get your much deserved rest!

[Image via Refinery29.]