Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Camila Morrone; Hell Presumably Freezes Over

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Quick, what does Leonardo DiCaprio’s current relationship have to do with the government shutdown?

No one expected it to last this long, and it makes everyone little unsure of what the future holds.

Leonardo DiCaprio-Camila Morrone

Believe it or not, it’s been over a year since we first learned that Leo is dating Camila Morrone.

From the start, there was talk of DiCaprio and Morrone getting engaged, but that seems to happen with all of Leo’s relationships lately.

Basically, he turned 40 and everyone started expecting him to pull a Clooney, settle down with someone unexpectedly brainy, and start churning out the offspring.

Camila seemed like a good candidate for the Mrs. DiCaprio title from the moment we met her.

Yes, she’s a model, like pretty much every other woman Leo has dated in the past 20 years, but those closest to the couple say she challenges the actor intellectually in a way that most of his previous partners have not.

And now, she’s reached a virtually unheard of milestone, as she and DiCaprio recently celebrated one full year of dating.

Leo is famously secretive about his love life, but he and Camila recently confirmed that they’re still an item by taking a New Year’s trip to Thailand together.

As Lainey Gossip points out, Thailand is where Leo filmed his Titanic follow-up The Beach — a film that came out when Camila was 2 years old.

But hey what’s a massive age gap in the face of true love?

Besides, it’s not like Leo was ever gonna settle down with a woman anywhere near his age anyway.

So is there any truth to the rumors that DiCaprio and Morrone are engaged?

Well, that may be jumping the gun — but surely Camila deserves some sort of fancy jewelry for lasting this long with the notoriously fickle-hearted Leo.

Whatever the case, 2018 was certainly a banner year for the Oscar-winner’s love life.

Not only because he went public with Camila, but also because it was the year we learned that DiCaprio banged Vanessa Trump.

As much as we’d love to see the guy settle down, perhaps we shouldn’t be limiting his ability to stick it to the Trump clan right now.

Just a thought.

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