Making A Murderer’s Silver Fox Reporter Shares His Personal Unanswered Questions About The Case!

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It’s been a while since something has captured all of America’s attention as strongly as Making a Murderer has, and it looks like the Netflix series’ grip isn’t about to loosen anytime soon.

That’s because the latest development in the Steven Avery story comes from one of the docu-series’ biggest stars — the silver fox reporter!

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Aaron Keller sat down with Rolling Stone for an in-depth interview about what it was like being a part of something so groundbreaking… but his opinions on the case are super thought-provoking.

Back in 2005 when Teresa Halbach first went missing, Aaron worked for NBC‘s local affiliate, but actually questions how his fellow journalists were getting their information, saying:

“I remember being there with the fax came in. I remember holding it in my hand, looking at it and discussing it. And we had the resources to cover the story, so we were the first ones on the air with it.

The next major element in the story was actually broken by a competitor and, to this day, I’m not quite sure where the information came from. The next element was that Steven Avery was the last person to have seen her, and that story was broken by WBAY-TV in Green Bay… It raises the question of whether Steven Avery called them and told them he was the last one to see her, or did law enforcement call them and tell them that he was the one who had seen her?

It paints a picture, potentially, of the media environment in Green Bay at the time. Channel 2 in Green Bay was the legacy station that had primarily been number one through most of its existence, and to this day, they are pretty tight with the law-enforcement community. We were mostly outsiders. They were insiders.”

Is there any part of this town that isn’t corrupt?!

Aaron also mentioned that he has yet to watch Making a Murderer in its entirety… but he lived it, so we think he knows what he’s talking about.

Plus, Anderson Cooper is a silver fox reporter as well, so Aaron’s in pretty good company.

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