“Momager” Farrah Abraham Parades Sophia Around Fashion Week

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At the tender age of six, Sophia Abraham has gotten her first taste of fame.

"This is Sophia’s first Fashion Week,” Farrah Abraham told Us Weekly at Bound by the Crown's fashion show on February 13.

Sophia was unable to walk in the show because her flight from Texas got in late that morning (the worst, amiright?), but she did get to sit front-row in an outfit designed by Game of Crowns star, Susanna Paliotta.

It'll take a solid two hours to remove all that makeup from Sophia's face, PS.

1. "Smile For The Camera"

Farrah abraham and daughter bound to the crown runway
‘Mom, I want to do this more and I want to do more modeling,'” Sophia told her mom.

2. Glinda? Is that you?

Farrah and sophia abraham pose with ms united nations
What’s a red carpet without Ms. United Nations?

3. #Poise

Farrah and sophia abraham front row at bound to the crown show
“Sophia is really professional,” Abraham told Us. “I’m not surprised because I know how well behaved my daughter is and I’m so thankful. Bless me!”

4. She’s Not a Momager, So Get Over It.

Farrah and sophia abraham new york fashion week
But she does love a good fight. “I’m just about social justice,” Abraham said of her battles with other celebrities. “Amen to women like me!”

5. A Normal Pose for a Six-Year-Old

Sophia abraham models for bound by the crown
“If my daughter says she doesn’t like something, I don’t do it,” Abraham claimed. “It’s up to Sophia.”

6. "I Need More Bunny. Give Me More Bunny!"

Sophai abraham bunny face at photoshoot for bound to the crown
Heavy is the hand that applied the eyeliner.

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