New Evidence Discovered In Making A Murderer Case! Meanwhile Steven Avery’s Mom Doesn’t Think Teresa Halbach Is Even Really Dead…

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Well this isn’t the best piece of news for Steven’s supporters…

Making a Murderer has been making national headlines ever since it premiered on Netflix in December.

While the public consensus is that there actually was reasonable doubt that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey committed the rape and murder detailed in the docu-series, Dolores Avery has taken things one step further — She doesn’t even think Teresa Halbach is dead!

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During an interview with Boston’s WAAF radio on Friday, the matriarch of the Manitowoc family admitted that she thinks the Sheriff’s Department planted Teresa’s bones back in 2005, saying:

“I don’t even think she’s even dead…

How do you know if them are her bones? Somebody planted them then; they planted the keys.”

Some fans of the documentary have questioned Teresa’s personal involvement in her death due to a rather odd video she recorded saying she loved her life, but we don’t think anyone aside from Dolores thinks she’s still alive…

Luckily for the family, another familiar face from the series is on their side and continues to speak out about Steven’s innocence.

Former Avery attorney Jerry Buting has been following the public’s recent interest in the case and believes it’s doing a lot in favor of a potential retrial, telling People:

“Some interesting information is surfacing; newly discovered evidence, either fact witnesses or scientific evidence.

The crime lab analyst admitted in the Avery trial that he opened the hood latch without changing gloves, so he may have been the source of that DNA Attorney [Ken] Kratz keeps mentioning. Moreover, none of Avery’s fingerprints were found anywhere in or on the car, including the hood.”

Ken has been one of the largest public figures against the uncle and nephew, so it makes sense that Jerry would work to disprove his theories.

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But does Jerry think Steven and Brendan could ever get their retrial?

“Unfortunately, what happened to Steven is not as rare as we would hope. Studies of actual DNA exonerations have shown law enforcement of prosecutorial misconduct was a factor in many of those wrongful conviction cases.

I think about Steven often, and the injustice of a second wrongful conviction for him. But I am hopeful that new information surfacing as a result of Making a Murderer will lead to his ultimate vindication.”

Steven just hired a new lawyer and filed his appeal this week, so only time will tell if Jerry’s wish turns into reality.

Do U think the Making a Murderer family deserves vindication??

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