Nick Jonas & Lily Collins: DATING?!

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Gawsh, Nick Jonas, you’ve been kind of acting a little slutty lately, dontcha think?

Just a couple days ago, the “Jealous” singer admitted to giving up the goods to hottie Kate Hudson, then revealed that he’s had gobs of sex throughout his young life. 

And now, Nicky boy is said to be getting friendly with the illustrious Lily Collins, according to Us Weekly.

The pair reportedly “spent the night laughing together” at a bowling alley in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, then took off on a ski trip in Mammoth the following week.

“Nick really likes Lily,” a source tells the magazine.

So far, we’ve received no word from Lily’s people, so we’ve no idea how she actually feels about him. 

Since leaving the Jonas Brothers, Nick has made it a point to post scandalous nearly-nude photos every chance he gets, practically begging for female attention.

Not that we’re complaining, amiright, ladies?

“Nick’s single and having fun,” according to a friend. “Right now it’s not exclusive.”

Good save, Nick. Best not to fess up to wanting more when you’re still unsure of this gorgeous woman’s true intentions.

In a recent interview, the Jo Bro spoke of a “beautiful connection” with Kate, but it appears that it simply didn’t last.

The mom of two likely knew all along that it could never be serious with a 23-year-old piece of eye candy who drops his pants for seemingly anyone willing to give him the time of day.

Yesterday, Nick posted an adorable photo of his two-year-old niece Alena to Instagram – obviously a clear message that he’s ready to build a nest and start a family.

As for Lily, could she possibly be taking the professional boy toy seriously? Or is she just using him like the rest of them?

We can only hope she’s goes gentle on Nick; the boy seems to be in a fragile state.

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