R. Kelly Denies Ruining A Deputy Sheriff’s Marriage — & Hits Back Against Lawsuit With Claims The Complainant Fathered A Love Child!

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2017 has NOT been R. Kelly‘s year.

In addition to the troubling claims that the Ignition singer is the leader of a sex cult, the hitmaker has been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly ruining a deputy sheriff’s marriage. Drama, drama, dramaaaaa!

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In case you missed it, earlier this year, Mississippi law enforcer Kenny Bryant sued the chart topper for having an extra-marital relationship with his wife AND accused Kelly of ruining his life. Apparently, Bryant’s wife Asia Childress had a relationship with Kelly PRIOR to marrying Kenny. However, per the policeman, Asia’s romance with the A-lister was long over by their July 2012 nuptials. Or, so he thought…

Reportedly, things were good between Bryant and Childress, that is, until Kelly weaseled his way back into Asia’s life. The controversial celeb and Mrs. Bryant rekindled their intimate relations in October 2012 — when Childress attended Kelly’s concert. According to the suit obtained by The Blast, Kenny’s wife had an affair with Kelly for FIVE years. To make matters worse, the singer supposedly gave Asia Chlamydia during their affair.

At some point during their marriage, Bryant claims Asia convinced him to move to Georgia, in an attempt to be closer to Kelly. Although Bryant agreed to the move, he was unable to find a job and was left financially broke from the situation. Childress eventually asked him for a divorce.

Unsurprisingly, Kenny is suing R. Kelly for destroying his marriage and for depriving him of “a spouse, love, support, and conjugal affection.” He claims he suffered from emotional, psychological, and financial loss. Man, oh man.

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In response to these damning accusations, Kelly has admitted to knowing Childress, but says he never slept with her. Kelly’s legal team is trying to have the entire case thrown out, especially since Bryant is an alleged hypocrite.

Through some independent investigating, Kelly’s team has discovered that Bryant had multiple adulterous relationships over the course of his marriage. The music maker even defended that he has evidence suggesting the deputy sheriff fathered a child outside of his marriage and regularly came on to his coworkers.

The superstar’s legal team hit back with allegations that Bryant used his resources as a law enforcement officer to further his own agenda. Oh, and Kenny is said to have misused the legal system in order to attempt extortion against Kelly. The Kelly camp is currently seeking Bryant’s phone records to prove their defense. They’ve also accused Bryant of harassing the disgraced star.

Such madness! Be sure to ch-ch-check back for updates as this case is still pending.

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