Read the Full Text of the Sixth Democratic Debate in Milwaukee

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The two Democratic presidential candidates debated for the first time since the New Hampshire primary.

Former Secretary of State and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders met in Milwaukee for a debate hosted by PBS NewsHour and moderated by anchors Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill.

Here is a partial transcript of the debate. Check back later for the complete text.

WOODRUFF: Good evening, and thank you. We are happy to welcome you to Milwaukee for this Democratic debate. We are especially pleased to thank our partners at Facebook, who have helped us set up a vibrant conversation among voters who are undecided. And tonight you’re going to hear some of their questions for the candidates. And you can follow along at home on the PBS NewsHour page on Facebook.

We also want to thank our hosts, the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, on whose campus we meet, here in the beautiful Helen Bader Concert Hall.

IFILL: We want to also extend our warm thanks to Milwaukee Public Radio and Milwaukee Public Television, as well as all of our friends at the PBS member stations across the country tuning in tonight.

This is the sixth time the Democrats have met face to face. Each time, we learn more about them and the presidents they say they want to be. You know you’re watching — whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or neither — because you believe the outcome of the election is important to you. And we believe that, too.

With that, let’s welcome the candidates to the stage. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.