Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Reality Show: Coming Soon?!

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Reclusive reality star Rob Kardashian reportedly wants back on reality TV … but with new flame Blac Chyna, not his famous family.

Somehow we don’t see Momager Kris taking kindly to this …

Kris, Robert and Blac

According to TMZ insiders, Rob wants a show about his life with Blac Chyna, chronicling his day-to-day life his family’s mortal enemy.

The lovebirds are shacking up and are going to be living together for a long time, the site reports, so logistically it would make sense.

As we reported last week, Khloe Kardashian kicked Rob out of her house after returning from a business trip finding him with Blac.

Despite his family’s rage and everyone believing that he’s spiting them, being played or both, Rob insists he loves Chyna for Chyna.

He certainly proved it this weekend, driving to Texas to rescue Blac from jail after she was arrested at the Austin airport. True romance.

As for why Rob, who has battled diabetes, depression and anxiety, and has basically been a hermit for years, wants back on television?

It’s how he knows to make a living. Simple as that.

Now, as for whether a Blac-Rob reality show would be feasible contractually, given his obvious ties to the Kardashian TV franchise?

Not surprisingly, the E! Network has the right of first refusal to any program he might want to do, but he’s not barred from going elsewhere.

Kris Jenner has major pull at E! and could 100 percent shut him down there, but if they pass, he could theoretically shop this around.

His mom might hire a hit man before she lets that happen – clearly Kris’ bid to “save” him from Chyna didn’t work – but legally, it’s doable.

As for whether there’s an audience for this project?

Who’s to say, but given the interest in the Saga of Rob and Chyna, it would probably garner a lot of interest if they moved on it ASAP.

Just saying. We’d tune in at least for the premiere.

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