Scott Disick Now Spotted With MYSTERY BRUNETTE!

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Last week, we reported that Scott Disick was spotted partying with a mystery blonde in New York City, but this weekend, the reality star was seen in LA with a mystery brunette!

It's all about equal opportunity for the Lord.

Scott had dinner with the dark-haired lady along with another couple at a restaurant in Calabasas – home to ex-girlfriend and mother of his three children Kourtney Kardashian, according to Us Weekly.

However, Us points out that an online commenter claimed that the brunette is the girlfriend of one of Scott's friends. No mention is made of the commenter's credibility as a source.

Regardless, the dude certainly does seem to be throwing himself around. 

As referenced above, Scott spent an entire evening bar-hopping with a blond woman in New York City before the two headed back to his hotel together.

And three weeks ago, sources say he was canoodling with yet another unlucky lady during a party at Tyga's house in the Hollywood Hills.

Regrettably, we are unable to report on the color of her hair.

Has Scott given up on any chance of reconciliation with Kourtney? Ever since she dumped him last summer for cheating, he's been trying to win her back. 

But he's reportedly been partying harder than ever, knowing full well that Kourtney is one brunette who will not stand for it.

And now, being seen with all these women?

Scott's an idiot, but surely he's smart enough to know that this kind of behavior can do nothing but harm if not destroy any possibility of Kourt taking him back.

Catch a glimpse of the new lady in the video below:

Scott disick now spotted with mystery brunette
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