Sean Penn’s ‘Amateur’ Interview Stunt Led Mexican Authorities Directly To El Chapo — Here’s How It All Went Down!

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This story is like something out of a movie!

As we reported over the weekend, Sean Penn interviewed Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman several months ago, before releasing a piece in Rolling Stone on Saturday.

And now we’re learning more about how all of that relates to El Chapo’s recent capture!

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A source revealed to reporters on Monday morning that Penn’s interview with Guzman led authorities directly to the drug kingpin, but that the actor was NOT working with government officials on a sting:

“The movie and Sean Penn were not part of a scheme designed to catch Chapo. The process those people put in motion though opened up opportunities to be exploited. It created openings to explore, breadcrumbs to follow.”

Breadcrumbs to follow, indeed — the source even goes so far as to call out Penn and Chapo’s people as amateurs:

“They thought they were clever. They weren’t. They were amateurs trying to beat the pros on the pros’ turf.”

Interestingly, there were several American production companies who notified U.S. government authorities that they were working on a project with Guzman, and that too may have lead to the drug pusher’s downfall:

“The movie and Rolling Stone were avenues of opportunity … There was a lot of inter-agency cooperation on this.”

And now, Guzman goes back to jail, and Penn is probably going to have to speak with the Mexican government at some point.

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Well, let that be a lesson to all of you: if you’re a notorious drug dealer on the run after escaping from prison, don’t grant interviews to Sean Penn.

Stars… they’re just like us! Ha!!

[Image via Brian To/WENN/Rolling Stone.]