Sheniz Halil: The Hottest Pics of Kanye’s Cover Girl

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Even if you have zero interest in hip hop, you've probably heard by now that Kanye West dropped his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo this week.

The LP already sparked a new feud between Kanye and Taylor Swift and inspired a ludicrously lavish star-studded launch party at Madison Square Garden.

Due to Kanye's bizarre release strategy most of his fans haven't even heard the album yet, and somehow it's already at the center of a $ 15 million online heist.

What we're saying is, this record had enjoyed a lot of hype, and because this is the Kardashian Era, much of that hype has had to do with butts.

Specifically, the butt of a London-based model named Sheniz Halil, whom Kanye (with the help of Kim) selected as the woman whose cakes would grace the cover of his long-awaited magnum opus.

Take a moment to enjoy the mental image of Kimye poring over stacks of booty photos in search of the perfect cakes. Then enjoy the following gallery of Sheniz's most ass-tastic photos.

One day, we'll get around to downloading Kanye's album (We hear it has music on it!), but not today. Today we ogle Sheniz:

1. Sheniz Halil: Kanye’s Cover Girl

Sheniz hall kanyes cover girl
Sheniz Hall was hand-picked by Kim and Kanye to cover his new album. That is one family that loves the booty.

2. Sheniz Halil: The Life of Pablo Cover

Sheniz halil the life of pablo cover
Sheniz Halil graces the cover of Kanye West’s new album, The Life of Pablo. We assume he liked her sunglasses.

3. Sheniz Halil: Swimsuit Photo

Sheniz halil swimsuit photo
Sheniz in a swimsuit. The girl knows her best angle, and, um…assets.

4. Sheniz Halil: Double Your Fun

Sheniz halil double your fun
Why do people do this double-vision thing on Instagram? We have no idea, but in this case, we’re certainly not complaining.

5. Shenis Halil: Fully Clothed

Shenis halil fully clothed
This is a rare sight. Fortunately, the girl looks stunning even with clothes on.

6. Sheniz Halil From the Front

Sheniz hall from the front
It’s not all about the butt for Sheniz Hall. The girl looks amazing from every angle.

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